Counterfeit Commonality

1. Wonder and Awe

2. Doubt

3. Forsakenness; retreat to self.

Karl Jaspers talked at me about this.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brown Line Eyes

Brown Line Eyes

For some weeks I've been depending on the trains in Chicago to get to and from work. The cold and snow are too much for my limited body and limited gear to ride my bicycle.

It's been nice to read on the train. People watching is fascinating, too. There were some new fashion spread billboards put up on the Brown Line platform. They're roughly lifesize images of a smiling model in winter wear. Situated as they are along the railing that lines the outer edge of the platform they are exposed to vandals. I waited several days to see what would happen. Soon enough someone acted on their compulsion to decry the outlandishly handsome man's image. But the marks were surprising. Just angry slashes across the eyes. None of the usual squiggled marker or highly stylized graffiti. Not even blackened teeth.

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